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Our Ethos at UK Aesthetic

UK Aesthetic are a group of world class, award-winning plastic surgeons who provide cosmetic surgery Manchester services which always keeps you in mind throughout. We achieve this by giving an individualised service that is tailored to the needs of every patient. We aim to attain optimal results without compromising patient safety, applying the most up-to-date techniques in all aspects of Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery. We believe that listening to your needs, understanding your expectations and taking time to discuss the options available to you is the key to the optimal outcome so we can provide results as close to what you wish. Our sole responsibility is to deliver the highest quality of cosmetic surgery care to our patients, and provide an experience that makes you feel fantastic on the inside and out. 

Why choose UK Aesthetics?

Patients looking to have an aesthetically pleasing, cosmetic surgery Manchester treatment deserve to be treated at the right time, right place and by the right surgeon. Our surgeons offer a range of reconstructive, aesthetic and plastic surgeries that are suitable for both men and women, which are performed by our expert team of specialist cosmetic surgeons. When you choose a UK Aesthetic plastic surgeon for your treatment, you can be rest assured that your surgeon is qualified to the highest degree to perform your cosmetic surgery and has the correct training and experience that will instil confidence for everyone. Our professional plastic surgeons are committed to providing excellent care. Although the surgeons are a group of individual medical practitioners, they will work alongside each other to achieve the optimal outcome from your cosmetic surgery procedure. We have a team of dedicated anaesthetists, assistants and specialist nurses to complement the surgical expertise within specialist hospitals / designated bodies that offer bespoke 24/7 care. We use the most up to date techniques and facilities that are suitable for your care and goals, and your safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us. If you’re looking for expert practitioners who will provide you with the best plastic surgery in Manchester, please do not hesitate to contact us

What Treatments Do You Offer At UK Aesthetics? 

Here at UK Aesthetics, we are proud to say we can provide a large range of cosmetic surgery and treatment services, tailored for our patients needs and desires. Our team of specialist cosmetic surgeons at our Manchester clinic have a wide range of experience and skills, and our list of procedures is incredibly extensive and detailed. Our plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical aesthetic treatments can help with a variety of conditions, from excess skin to a deviated septum. 

One of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery in Manchester are breast treatments. Many of our patients at our Manchester clinic have certain conditions like inverted nipples or breast asymmetry. When they come to us for plastic surgery, we can recommend a wide range of treatments that will help them reach their goals, and get the aesthetic look they want.

Our wide range of breast cosmetic surgery treatments include breast augmentation, lift, liposuction, fat grafting, reduction, and much more. We also have reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, such as breast reconstruction or breast implant removal. A lot of our patients are seeking breast cosmetic surgery, and it is one of our most popular procedures in Manchester. 

The cosmetic surgeons at our Manchester clinic also get a lot of requests for facial plastic surgery procedures. Many people develop wrinkles, crows feet, and age spots. However, we offer many plastic surgery treatments at UK Aesthetic that can help you get the aesthetic results you want. We can offer neck and face lifts, facial implants and ear reshaping, so if you’re looking for facial plastic surgery in Manchester, you should definitely visit our clinic. 

We also offer an array of general body plastic surgery treatments, for pretty much every part of your body! Our Manchester plastic surgeons can help treat every part of the body, from leg plastic surgeries such as calf augmentation, to brazilian bum lifts, fleur de lis abdominoplasty, and mummy makeovers. No matter the area of your body that you’d like treatment on, our cosmetic surgeons in Manchester can give you advice and put you in the right direction.

While we specialise in cosmetic surgery at UK Aesthetics, we also offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and wrinkle fillers. Our dedicated team of plastic surgeons at our Manchester clinic can help advise you with anything you need, and give expert consultation on recommended treatments, whether they’re surgical or non-surgical.

If you would like more information about our extensive range of plastic surgery treatments and want to speak to one of our expert cosmetic surgeons at our Manchester clinic, please book a consultation with us today. 

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

There are many reasons why someone might consider getting plastic surgery, and our cosmetic surgeons in Manchester hear a myriad of reasons every day. You might have certain aesthetic goals or suffer with certain conditions that you want to change, or you may want to treat symptoms of ageing. No matter what your goals are, our cosmetic surgeons at our Manchester clinic can help you with your goals, desires and aims from plastic surgery.

When you come for a consultation for plastic surgery in Manchester, we will discuss with you why you want plastic surgery, and we will want details about your goals and aims. Your safety and well-being is at the forefront of our ethos, so it’s important that you go into detail about your cosmetic surgery goals during the consultation. This will allow our plastic surgeons to know how to treat you, and how we can help you achieve your goals.  

What To Know Before Considering Cosmetic Surgery 

There are many things you need to consider before you choose to get cosmetic surgery with us in Manchester. It is important that you make the decision to get plastic surgery having as much information and knowledge about preparation, recovery and the procedure as possible. Getting cosmetic surgery is an important life decision, so you should make sure you are well-informed in order to make the best decision for your health, safety and well-being. 

For example, you may need to make certain lifestyle changes before your plastic surgery procedure. You may need to stop smoking, make certain dietary changes and get more exercise so that you can have the best outcome from the cosmetic surgery procedure. After plastic surgery, you may need to make certain arrangements such as childcare or arrange time off work, so you can have the best recovery possible. If you have any questions about this, please ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation at our Manchester clinic. 

You should also keep in mind other aspects of cosmetic surgery, such as the procedure itself and the price. If you’re considering getting plastic surgery with us, you should take a look at our case studies, provided by happy patients at our Manchester clinic. They will help you have an idea of what your potential plastic surgery outcome might be like, and what you should expect. 

If you’d like more detail on this, please make sure to bring it up to one of our cosmetic surgeons, and they can give you expert advice and insight. 

Meet The Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons At Our Manchester Clinic 

At our Manchester clinic, we have a team of cosmetic surgeons who are high up in their field and have extensive experience, as well as an amazing team of anaesthetists, assistants and specialist nurses so you can rest assured that your plastic surgery will go swimmingly. 

If you want to meet the full team, every member of UK Aesthetic is listed right here on the website. However, our 4 plastic surgeons are: 

Gary Ross

Mr Gary Ross is an Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic surgeon in the North West of England. He is a fully accredited Plastic Surgeon on the General Medical Council’s specialist register for plastic surgery, and is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Manchester in the School of Cancer and Imaging Sciences.  Mr Ross’s practice is based at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Cheshire. Mr Ross provides an individualised approach to each of his patients.  All patients are fully informed of the pros, cons and risks of plastic surgery and he takes care to ensure all of his patients are fully informed about the procedure. 

Andrew Camillieri 

Mr Andrew Camilleri is on the GMC Specialist Register and has been practising as an NHS consultant since 1995. He is registered as a Head and Neck Surgeon and Otorhinolaryngologist with additional, specialist qualifications in both Otolaryngology (FRCS ORL) and General Surgery (FRCS).  Mr Camilleri is an honorary lecturer at the University of Manchester and member of the Specialist Accreditation Committee North Western. Mr Camilleri believes in providing the most optimal treatment for patients and understands the importance of the functional and aesthetic side of his work. Mr Camilleri has been certified with the Royal College of Surgeons for cosmetic rhinoplasty, works alongside Mr Ross in providing joint consultations and surgery for patients as part of the rhinoplasty multi-disciplinary team.

Ayub Khan

Mr Khan has over 30 years of experience in surgery overall, with approximately 17 years’ experience in Plastic Surgery and he has been a Consultant for over 12 years.  Mr Khan undertook Plastic Surgery training in a number of Hospitals including, Royal Preston Hospital, St. James Hospital Dublin and St. Andrews Hospital Broomfield.  Mr Khan was a Consultant General Surgeon in Pakistan for five years and he also trained in General Surgery on the South Manchester surgical training rotation. Mr Khan has considerable experience in breast plastic surgery, having undertaken over 300 cases varying from breast augmentation, breast reductions, mastopexy and also gynaecomastia surgery. He has performed over 100 ear surgeries, and his special interests include burns, complex wounds and scar reconstruction.

Rachel Holt 

Mrs Rachel Holt is a Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in the surgical field. After completing her degree (MB, ChB) and initial medical training, Mrs Holt continued her studies at the University of Manchester and completed a research doctorate (M.D.) Mrs Holt then went on to train in London, gaining knowledge and experience from some of the UK’s leaders in the Breast Aesthetics and Breast Reconstruction fields. The key ethos of Mrs Holt’s practice today is to provide informative care that puts patients at the core of the treatment.  Mrs Holt specialises in both Aesthetic Surgery and Breast reconstruction for women, providing long-lasting, natural and aesthetic results.

Every single member of our dedicated team of plastic surgery professionals has a strong ethos of helping all of our clients with high quality care, expertise and experience. If you want to know more about our team at UK Aesthetics, contact us and book a consultation today.

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