Personal Profile: Mrs Rachel Holt

Mrs Rachel Holt is a Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years of surgical experience.

Following the completion of a degree (MB, ChB) and initial medical training, Mrs Holt continued her studies at the University of Manchester and completed a research doctorate (M.D.).  Subsequent to this, Mrs Holt trained in London gaining knowledge and experience from some of the UK’s leaders in the Breast Aesthetics and Breast Reconstruction fields.  Mrs Holt then moved back to Manchester to undertake the final years of her training programme in Plastic Surgery, becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS(Plast)).

Mrs Holt enhanced her training further by undertaking an Oncoplastic Breast fellowship for one year in Manchester at the prestigious Nightingale Centre.  This additional training equipped Mrs Holt with the required knowledge and skills to undertake cancer resection, in addition to reconstructive surgery.  Furthermore, Mrs Holt is one of a few Plastic Surgeons in the UK who have studied a Master’s Programme in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, for which she was awarded a Diploma in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery.  

To complete her training, Mrs Holt undertook a one year fellowship in Microsurgery in Australia.  After completing this, she remained in Australia as a Consultant specialising in Breast Reconstruction and continued to work there until February 2018.  At this time, Mrs Holt returned to the UK and worked as a Consultant in Leeds for approximately a year, before being headhunted by the team in Manchester to deliver an ever growing Breast Reconstruction service.

The key ethos of Mrs Holt’s practice today is to provide informative, patient centred personalised care for each and every one of her patients.  Mrs Holt specialises in both Aesthetic Surgery for women, including rejuvenation of the breasts and body, along with Breast Reconstruction with the primary aim to provide long-lasting, natural and aesthetic results.  During a consultation, Mrs Holt always offers patients a full range of options to consider before deciding to proceed.  She adopts the latest techniques including microsurgical procedures to reconstruct the breast using the body’s own tissue.

For patients who proceed with surgery, Mrs Holt ensures a thorough preoperative assessment is provided by the clinical team where they will be given further professional advice.  During a patient’s consultation, patients are fully informed of the pros, cons, potential risks and implications of the cosmetic or reconstructive surgery they are wishing to proceed with.  Mrs Holt is fully committed to delivering the highest quality and well-informed care, to enable patients to make a balanced decision of the options available to them.  Aftercare is an imperative part of Mrs Holt’s practice; wherein the latest evidence-based peri-operative care protocols and innovative surgical techniques are incorporated to help achieve the desired results.

Throughout Mrs Holt’s career, she has worked and trained with some of the most renowned Breast Aesthetic Surgeons from around the world.  Mrs Holt has presented her work relating to the evolution of a variety of surgical innovative techniques here in the UK and also internationally.  

Outside of her profession, Mrs Holt enjoys a variety of sports, including kite-surfing, cycling, running and tennis.  Mrs Holt always encourages all of her patients to increase their physical activity and accomplish their fitness goals prior to undergoing surgery.

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